Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Morning Friends, Well as I sit here the snow is falling and we already have the 2 inches the weather man said we would get and its still coming down. I do have to admit it really does look pretty on the pine trees out back! And heck we knew it was coming!! Just a quick post today, Caleb doesnt have school on Mondays so were off to get some christmas things here soon. We did want to share with you his lil christmas tree he made for school. His kindergarten class makes them and they are hung in the hallways at school. Caleb and I after digging through all his crafty things decided we would use some feathers for the tree itself and beads for bulbs and some seqin ribbon for garland. It turned out pretty cute! And dont you just love the forced smile on Caleb. Thanks for taking the time to check in and I hope you all have a wonderful day!! please let Caleb know what you think of his tree!! blessings to you all.


Joani said...

Renee ~ you let him know that he did a fan-tabulous job! Enjoy the snow, it's nice cuddling weather.

Kylie said...

Caleb, Your Christmas tree is wonderful, what a great job!
So lucky having snow! It's summer time here in Australia and it's hot, love to have a cold white christmas lol!
Have fun in the snow!
Take Care



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